Roll-Over Valve Control module (ROVCM) Nytro Roll-Over Valve Control module (ROVCM) Nytro ROVCM Custom engineered and made for Four Stroke Solutions LLC Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve kits. The module contains a micro-controller and uses pulse width output to control the roll-over shut-off valve. Pulse width control allows the module to command a higher output signal to close the shut-off valve faster/stronger then using straight battery voltage alone. Once the shut-off valve is closed, the ROVCM switches to hold mode. In hold mode the shut-off valve remains closed and current draw is reduced by approximately 1/3 when compared to using straight battery voltage. Benefits include, reduced valve operating temperatures and reduced current draw on the battery. Ideal for smaller light weight batteries. Additionally the ROVCM has a battery voltage monitoring/auto shut down feature. The micro-controller inside the ROVCM monitors how long the roll-over valve has been closed. If the ROVCM detects that the roll-over valve has been on for longer then two hours, the ROVCM starts to monitor battery input voltage. If the input voltage drops to approximately 12.1 volts, the ROVCM will shut down the roll-over valve to help prevent accidentally dis-charging the battery, due to forgetting to turn off the roll-over valve! 145170461 Installing the ROVCM on a FX Nytro Using the ROVCM as a template to mark the location for mounting holes. 145170462 Drilling the mounting holes in the cowl support Drill through only the top layer of the cowl support. Caution be sure to move any wiring harnesses inside the cowl support, before drilling. 145170463 Mounting holes center in cowl support Two 3/16" holes. 145170464 ROVCM wiring connection. If you Four Stroke Solutions LLC Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve kit oringinally came with the Red jumper connector shown on the left. Simply remove the jumper connector and plug the ROVCM in it's place. 145170465 Installed ROVCM Proper mounting location with harness routing shown. 145170466 Under cowling view Be sure to check that the ROVCM/wiring harness is away from moving parts such as the steering post. 145170467