Early MCX Viper (with stock oil separator drain only)) https://www.fourstrokesolutions.com/apps/photos/ Early MCX Viper (with stock oil separator drain only)) MCX breather tube W/O ROV installed (WITH STOCK SEPARTOR TANK DRAIN) NOTE: ONLY USE THESE PIC'S IF YOUR MCX VIPER/7000 DOES NOT HAVE THE MCX AIR/OIL SEPARATOR DRAIN RELOCATION MODIFICATION. IF YOUR MCX TURBO VIPER/7000 HAS THE UPDATED SEPARATOR DRAIN MOD, THEN PLEASE USE THE PHOTO'S IN THE MCX VIPER WITH SEPARATOR DRAIN RELOCATION MOD ALBUM. This view shows the MCX turbo kit breather tube, before installing the roll over shut off valve. The area in the Green square is where the ROV valve is to be installed. The Yellow arrow indicates the MCX aluminum breather tube. The pink arrow points to where the valve cover breather hose is connected to the MCX breather tube, via a welded in tee. https://www.fourstrokesolutions.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=196954283 196954283 Intalled MCX breather tube with ROV shut off valve in place. (FOR MCX VIPERS WITH STOCK SEPARATOR TANK DRAIN) Note Andy removed approximately 1/2" from the MCX breather tube below where the valve cover breather hose (Pink arrow) tee's in. Also he removed approximately 1/4" from the ROV shut off valve hose at the bottom. This allows the breather tube to sit lower in the chassis for under hood clearance. Other modifications included adding some length to the lower end of MCX breather end (in Blue square). This was accomplished by adding a short length of aluminum tubing from the original stock breather pipe and connecting them together with a length of 5/8" fuel vapor hose. Once the breather tube/ROV shut off valve assembly is installed, zip ties (Purple arrow) are used to secure the tube assembly over towards the engine for additional under hood clearance. https://www.fourstrokesolutions.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=196954284 196954284 View of installed shut off valve. NOTE FOR USE WITH MCX VIPER'S WITH THE STOCK SEPARATOR TANK DRAIN Here is a close up view of Andy's installed valve. IMPORTANT: For proper breather air flow, the shut off valve must be installed with the previously installed hose facing downwards as shown in the Green square. https://www.fourstrokesolutions.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=196954285 196954285 Close up view of the lengthen MCX breather tube. Shown in the Blue square is where Andy lengthen the MCX tube. A short length of aluminum tubing from the original stock tubing was used. Then the two pieces are connected together using 5/8" fuel/vapor hose. Fuel/vapor hose is resistant to swelling when exposed to oil and can be found at most larger auto parts stores. The Pink arrow indicates where zip ties are use to secure the breather tube in place. Special thanks to Andy for the pic's!! https://www.fourstrokesolutions.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=196954286 196954286