re-search and development photos re-search and development photos Original R+D photo This view show the connections for the low pressure sensor and vacuum/pressure gauge. The purpose of the sensor and gauge was to monitor oil tank breather pressure/air flow during real world riding conditions out on the snow. I wanted to make sure that the Roll-Over shut-off valve had the ability to provide enough air flow during wide open throttle conditions. 107569440 Original R+D photo, pressure sensor This view shows a low pressure (approx 1 psi) sensor. The sensor was wired to a warning light and would turn on the light if the oil tank breather pressure exceeded 1psi. 107569441 Original R+D photo vacuum/pressure gauge I used this gauge to monitor oil tank breather pressure/flow. Mainly to see what effect rpm and engine load had on oil tank breather flow/pressure rates. 107569442