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Arctic Cat M1100 Roll-Over Valve kits Arctic Cat M1100 Roll-Over Valve kits Complete Premium M1100T/M9000 Roll Over Valve kit 196578821 Complete Standard M1100T/M9000 Roll Over Valve kit 196578822 Plug and play connections Shown are the upper ROV harness plug and play connections the ignition switch and ignition switch wiiring harness. 151271537 Upper ROV harness routing Upper harness rounting and single point disconnector shown. 151271538 Roll-Over valve upper/lower connector This connector is used as single point quick disconnect, for when removing/installing the M1100T hood is required. 151271539 Upper wiring harness/LED This view shows how the LED terminals are positioned so that they can slide in to the 4 four way connector. Slide the terminals in until a "click" is heard/felt. Red wire to socket "C" Yellow or Black wire to socket "D" Once the teminals are seated, then install the black plastic connector lock. 186915364 Ground wire location This view shows the location of the ground wire eye terminal where it attaches to chassis ground. 206369322 Assembled upper harness assembly Shown off of the snowmobile for clarity. 186915365 LED mounted in the cowling 206369323 Correct LED wire positioning Note: Using a flat bladed screw driver it may be necessary to align the LED terminal pins inside the connector opening, before the upper harness is plugged in to the lower main harness for the first time. 186915366 ROVCM wiring location 206369324 ROVCM location Shown is where the ROVCM is mounted to the sleds ECU, using the supplied Velcro pad 206369325 3 amp fuse location 206369326 Harness routing view 206369327 Installed shut off valve Note, the valve is directional and must be plumbed in correctly in order for proper breather air flow to occur. The 90 degree fitting is considered the inlet and is attached to the breather hose. 206374615 Using a Rotobroch bit for tether switch mounting A 1/2" hole is drilled for mounting the tether switch. 206374616 Ignition switch connector The ROV white plug and play connectors are attach to this connector and the ignition switch. 206374617