Sidewinder/King Cat installation photos Sidewinder/King Cat installation photos Complete Sidewinder/King Cat Premium Roll Over Valve Kit 204752614 Remove ignition switch Tip: It is easier to unplug the ignition switch connector when the ignition switch is removed from the cowling. When reinstalling the ignition switch, apply a small amount of Sil-glide or dielectric grease to the switch collar threads. 204714242 Drilling the mounting hole for the LED light. Caution: be sure to check underneath the cowling for proper clearance to the air intake, before drilling! Use a length of masking tape to help prevent scratching the cowling. 204714243 LED wiring This view shows the LED mounted in place. 204714244 Underneath view of LED Note the location of the air intake. 204714245 Installed upper harness. Shown are the LED terminals to the flat 4 wire connector. The Red LED wire is installed in cavity "C". Black wire in cavity "D". Plug and play connectors are now connected to the ignition switch and sled's harness. 204714246 Locating mounting point for the ROVCM Here the Velcro pad will be applied to the top of the head light housing. Clean this area of dust/grease/oil. 204714247 Applied Velcro pad The Velcro pad is used to mount the ROVCM. 204714248 Installed ROVCM Mount the ROVCM as far forward and to the right as possible. This will allow for proper clearance when reinstalling the goggle bag. 204714249 Bottom side of console Here the console has been removed from the sled and you can see the factory locating dimple for the tether switch. 204714250 Drilling pilot holes Drilling the pilot hole for the tether switch. 204714251 Tether and Quick Prime switch holes Top view of the completed holes. The forward hole is for the tether switch, rearward hole is for the Quick Prime switch. 204714252 Under side view of installed switches Note: route the wiring harnesses towards the rear as shown in the photo. Also the external toothed lock washers are to be installed under the console. 204714253 Reinstalling the console When reinstalling the console, the main ROV harness is looped forward along the steering support. Route the shut off valve branch and ground wire down towards the oil tank. Route the upper harness and ROVCM branches towards the ignition switch area. 204714254 Upper and ROVCM harness routing This view shows the upper harnesses routed up and forward along the air intake. Caution: be careful not to damage the Frog skins material! 204714255 Zip tie pre-installation Pre-install one of the longer zip ties in the hole on the right side of the steering support. Note: this zip tie will be used in the next step. 204714256 Main ROV harness/relay installed Pushing the main ROV harness/relay towards the center of the sled and away from the fuel line. Secure the harness to the steering support frame using the previously installed zip tie. 204714257 Connecting the ROVCM and upper harness Connect the ROVCM and 4 way flat connectors. Tuck the remaining length of wiring harness up under the ignition switch area. 204714258 Harness routing view Secure the upper harnesses with the shorter zip ties. Be sure to allow enough clearance for re-installing the goggle bag. 204714259 Fuse/harness routing view 204714260 Installed console and switches Reinstalled console. 204714262 Removed OEM check valve 204752615 Proper shut off valve positioning This view shows the proper orientation of the shut off valve. Caution: Install the valve so that the previously attached hose with the metal fitting, attaches to the oil tank breather hose. WARNING: Do not install this valve backwards. 204752616 Harness and valve view Using the supplied loop, attach the shut off valve, wiring harness and ground wire to the original OEM mounting screw. 204752617 Overhead view of installed valve 204752618 Overall view of breather hose and valve Note, how the wiring harness is routed. CAUTION: Inspect the breather hoses, to make sure that they are not contacting the exhaust system heat shields. Secure the hose(s) as required using zip ties. 204752619 Valve angle view Install shut off valve so that the solenoid end is angled upwards as shown. Then tighten the hose clamps. 204752620 Bottom view of the installed valve. 204752621