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We offer Roll-Over Valve Kits in two versions for most models. The primary difference between the Standard and Premium versions is that the Premium Kits also include an electronic roll-over valve control module or ROVCM.

The ROVCM provides additional features and increased shut-off valve performance. It is ideally suited for mountain riding conditions, where the Roll-Over Valve may be used frequently though out the day. For more information about the ROVCM please see the high performance ROVCM page at,




FX/Nytro and Phazer

Standard FX/Nytro and FX/Phazer   $209

Premium FX Nytro and FX/Phazer with ROVCM   $315


Premium SR/Viper with ROVCM   $325


Premium Sidewinder with ROVCM   $325


Standard Apex   $229

Premium Apex with ROVCM   $325

Note: While the Apex Roll-Over Valve kits are designed for boosted or naturally aspirated applications running pod air filters. They can be used on a stock Apex also, by reusing the molded hoses inside the stock air box. Please see photos of "Matt J's stock Apex" in the photo gallery for details.



M1100T/M9000 Clearance sale!

Standard Arctic Cat M1100T    Reg.$219 Clearance price $170!

Premium Arctic Cat M1100T with ROVCM   Reg.$325 Clearance price $250!


Premium M/XF7000 with ROVCM   $325

2017 and up King Cat

Premium King Cat with ROVCM   $325


ROVCM (control module only)   $169                                                                                        

Plug and play ROVCM module fits standard Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve Kits. For those who already own a standard Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve Kit and would like to upgrade to full electronic control!


$13 in the USA

Shipping/handling to Canada                                                                                                             USPS Priority mail international (approx 2 to 3 weeks depending on location) $41

USPS Express mail international (approx 1 to 2 weeks) $54


For over-seas orders please contact me for a shipping/handling quote.

Note: additional shipping charges may apply on multiple units in an order. Due to the larger packaging required.  Please e-mail us, for a shipping quote on multiple orders.

To place an order, please contact us at  and let us know the following information;  

Make and model of sled? 

Which e-mail address that you would prefer to have a PayPal invoice sent to? 

Your mailing/shipping address location?



We accept PayPal, at

Credit cards are accepted through a PayPal invoice as well. This feature can be used even if you do not have a PayPal account. Once I receive a request for an order, I will e-mail you an invoice from PayPal.                                                                                                                                     In the invoice there is a link to click on that has different options of payment including using a credit card. The credit card information is then entered, and remains safe and secure through PayPal.